Amaloba owns two nurseries, one in Laezonia Centurion and Ramela – which are propagating and growing plants for own use and to supply to other role players.

Nursery at Head Office in Pretoria (Laezonia).

It is mainly for growing plants for projects and the supply of indoor plants for office rentals. It stocks a variety of trees, shrubs and ground covers.

Nursery at Ramela.

This nursery consists of a retail nursery with Public Park and Entertainment area for hosting various events. It is situated on a six hectare land near Ramela (Teneriffe) village 90km North-West of Mokopane. We offer our services to the public/ local community in terms of educating the community about plantation and garden maintenance.

It also has a large stock of trees, shrubs, ground covers and propagation tunnel where various plant species are propagated and grown.

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