About Us

About Amaloba Horticulture & Landscaping

Founded in 1999, Amaloba offers professional commercial and residential landscaping and maintenance services. Based in Pretoria, Amaloba offers reliable and affordable landscaping services in South Africa and its neighbouring countries. We are a 100% BEE company.

We are confident that we have the experience and competence to meet your every landscaping need. You have an idea of what sort of garden you want, we have the technical know-how to implement your dream.

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The Company Promise

People- Amaloba is people-centred organisation. We are dedicated to giving our people a wealth of experience and opportunities to reach their potential Innovation- whatever we do we strive to do it differently Excellence-everything we do at Amaloba is driven by unwavering passion for ex-cellence- and commitment to produce the best products and services in the market Change- We are driven by passion to always meet the changing needs and de-mands of our society Integrity-To be fair, firm, respectful, ethical and transparent is what we instil in our people


Managing Director

Founder and managing director. Godfrey is an accoladed entrepreneur and businessman with more than 33 years in the horticulture and landscaping industry.


Operations Manager

Dynamic and proactive leader who knits all facets of HR, admin and operations making sure Amaloba is productive, sustainable and thriving.


General Manager

Stephan joined Amaloba in 2005 as an area Manager for Limpopo and later promoted to General Manager in the Head Office in Johannesburg.


Marketing Manager

Marketing, sales and brand strategist responsible for developing, implementing and executing strategic marketing plans for Amaloba.


Marketing Director

Noko Chokoe joined the company in 2012 as a Marketing Director.He manages the companies contracts in Limpopo.

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