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Indoor Plants

Whatever your budget, we have the range of pots and plants for you. Our tailor-made options allow you the freedom of choice to create the perfect décor for your space. Call us today to design a package for you.

Benefits of Indoor Plants

  • Plants filter the air and improve air quality
  • Plants reduce health complaints
  • Plants increase productivity
  • Plants reduce absenteeism
  • Plants reduce noise levels
  • Plants lower stress levels
  • Plants increase our sense of well being

Know your Plants

To make the best use of indoor plants, it is important to know which plants will thrive in the lighting conditions prevalent in your home or office. Bedrooms and living areas are generally north facing – which we label as ‘medium light’ areas. Some plants require medium light; others need high light, so note the differences between the two. High light areas receive bright filtered light, for example, in the window of a north-facing room or office. Medium light areas receive medium to bright filtered light, with no sunshine, such as behind the curtains in a light room.