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Landscaping Design

Interior Landscaping     

Planters are sold or rented out with indoor/Office plants, the client has an option of choosing their own choice of colour in planters.

Plants are serviced on a weekly basis and the service includes the following.

  • Foliage Cleaning.
  • Watering
  • Feeding
  • Pruning of needed.
  • Moving of plants.

The advantage of interior plants is that it creates a healthier indoor environment by increasing humidity and cleaning the air. It also reduces stress levels, improve creativity and productivity.


Irrigation is import in the survival of any garden and can design and install an irrigation system to nut the water requirement of any garden, be it grass, shrubs trees or succulent plants.

Amaloba Nurseries

The growing of trees, shrubs and ground covers are the key focus of the two nurseries, one at the head office in Pretoria and the other one at Ramela Village in Limpopo. It provides a wide range of trees varying from 10L to 200L in size. The nurseries stock in excess of 10000 trees and 50000 ground covers.

Landscaping Installation

In the past 15 years we have created landscapes of which clients are very proud of.

We offer the following services:

  • Landscape design.
  • Installation and Management.
  • Landscaping and construction to include paving , stepping stones, wall cladding, rock / art design, ornamental walls and ablution facilities.
  • Public parks.

Successful completed landscaping projects

  • Kalagadi Manganese and Smelter: Northern Cape.
  • Ekhaya Water front Project Soweto.
  • Administration Building: University of Pretoria.
  • De Aar Referral Hospital: Department of Health Northern Cape.
  • Game Fence (4.5km) Lephalale: Eskom Holdings SOC.
  • Dumprock Installation: Westgate Shopping Centre.
  • Landscaping: Cresta Shopping Centre.